New technologies introduced for Xbox Series S and X!


New features continue to be announced about the Xbox Series S and Series X. The advanced version of HDR technology in the consoles we currently use will enter our lives with Microsoft’s new generation consoles.

Dolby technologies are coming for the Xbox Series S and Series X!

With the new generation consoles, HDR technology will be used much more dynamically and will further increase the graphics quality in games. Thanks to the Vision and Atmos technologies that come with Dolby, there will be improvements in both sound and image.

According to the announcements, the next generation will have 40 times higher brightness, 10 times darker black and 12-bit color support. When we look at these figures, we can say that HDR technology will be used much more effectively. Of course, it is not easy to understand the difference without testing it.

On the Dolby Atmos side, Xbox One users will be able to transfer the Atmos license to the new console. But if you’re not an Atmos user, you’ll have to pay a $ 14.99 license fee. You will also be able to try Atmos for free before purchasing the subscription.

Since Microsoft has announced that the technologies coming to these consoles will be the first in the new generation, there is a possibility that they will be announced by PlayStation 5 in the future.

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