New tattoos? Greeicy Rendon Surprised Everyone With A Very Revealing Neckline


New tattoos? Greeicy Rendon surprised everyone with a very revealing neckline, you see others! The famous Colombian left all her fans impacted with her new look for her video clip “Aguardiente”.

Greeicy Rendon is one of the most listened to artists of Latin music and is known by everyone for always being very cheerful and jovial. However, it also attracts people and the look of gentlemen for their incredible female dowry.

For the recording of her new video clip “Aguardiente” the Colombian singer captivated everyone with her look and daring outfit that left delirious to each of her fans, because they are always those small details that achieve much more than she believes.

On the postcard you can see the actress wearing a black bikini top with a vip neckline that shows her tentative tattoos, which have always given a more rebellious touch to her image, but this time they are much more than normal.

The artist has always preserved the natural without losing the sensuality that characterizes her, and with that touch of a good and bad girl she manages to fall in love with many of her fans, because there is definitely no like her in the middle, and with this new look she is more than proven that your new video clip will be a success.

The postcard of the beautiful interpreter achieved a total uproar and is that only she can take risks with such tiny garments and glued to the body, with rebel tattoos that cover her skin, and that is because thanks to the spectacular figure she has, everything remains well.

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Este video me da risa! No se porque jajajaja

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It should be noted that Greeicy Rendon and her boyfriend Mike Bahia attended the recent Latin Grammys awards more in love than ever, with spectacular attire that stole all the attention of those present.

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