New Tanks in Israel Controlled by Controller of Xbox One


A new one has been added to countries that use the Xbox One controller outside of the console. The game controller, previously used in US submarines, will also be used in Israel’s new tank “Carmel”. In this way, engineers will both reduce costs and facilitate personnel training.

The controllers of the Xbox game console, released by the US-based technology giant Microsoft, are among the best in the industry. These controllers, which were originally developed for playing games, can be used in many different sectors when needed. The latest news from Israel reveals that the Xbox’s controller is also used in the country’s new tanks, named “Carmel”.

In fact, Israel is not the first country to use the Xbox controller in the military field. For example, the advanced periscopes found in the “Virginia” series submarines of the USA are managed by Xbox controllers. In addition, the Boring Company, with which Elon Musk collaborated recently to open underground tunnels, also controlled the tunneling machines using Xbox One controllers. Now Israel will use this game controller in its tanks.

Xbox controllers provide convenience as well as lower cost

Almost every sector cares about reducing the cost as much as possible. In fact, this is the main reason why countries such as Israel and the USA use the Xbox controller in a different industry. Thanks to this game controller, engineers do not need to design an advanced controller and spend extra money for it, thus saving money. In addition, the use of this type of controller in advanced military vehicles facilitates the training of personnel.

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Israel’s new tank “Carmel” looks like this

Owned by the Israeli government, Israel Aerospace Industries has been working on the production of a new tank called “Carmel” for a while. Meir Shabtai, who is responsible for the robotic systems of the project, explains why they used an Xbox controller in a tank: “They wanted something lighter and more portable. That’s why we used an Xbox controller.” In addition, this type of controller offers a different advantage for the Israeli army.

The Israeli army is very young. Army members, men and women aged 18 to 21, are already familiar with Xbox controllers from their teens and childhoods. Referring to this issue, Shabtai says that almost everyone across the country can experience the Carmel simulation, so they understand what kind of technology the country needs to have. This is apparently the main reason why the Xbox controller is used in a tank.


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