New Tales From the Borderlands received two fresh trailers


New Tales From The Frontier will introduce fans to a completely new cast of characters, and three previously unseen figures lead the story. “Gearbox”, “, “New tales From The Frontier”.

The new Borderlands stories at Gamescom, which featured outrageous moments from the game along with the official release date, have two very clear focuses in the new trailers. The first is a character trailer that tells about the three main characters, as well as some minor characters that will appear during their adventures. The second is an eighteen-minute demonstration of the gameplay, which tells about the actions based on the choices that will be presented.

In the trailer with the characters, players get more information about the main cast of New Stories From the Borderlands. Ambitious Octavio is like no one else, hardworking Fran is determined to restore her Frogurt store, and clumsy scientist Anu wants to make the Borderlands universe a better place to live. interesting-looking minor characters, such as Diamond Daniel and Stapleface.

As for the gameplay trailer, potential players will see several choices, showing that different approaches to certain scenarios, as in the original tales from Borderlands, are quite possible. Fast time-events return when Fran, Anu and Octavio make their way past some ridiculously dumb Tediore soldiers. Players can even take a look at Vaultlanders, an exciting mini-game that was not in the original Tales from the Borderlands, nor in any other game in the series.

Dungeon Dwellers matches will apparently take place at random points in the story, with Octavio fighting the Tediore guard in the gameplay demo. Although there may be several mechanics, and the fights may become more complex over time, in this demo the player pressed the attack button to attack his Vaultlander. Creating miniature figurines of characters like Zane Amara and can be fun entertainment, and players will unlock a new Vaultlander figurine every time they win one of these battles. It is currently unclear whether such encounters occur outside of the main plot, although they should serve as a welcome change of pace compared to conventional combat encounters.

With the Guardians featured in the gameplay demo, as well as a companion Ratch and some fun fur abilities for Fran, the New Tales From The Borderlands seems to have a lot of potential. Let’s hope that removing Fiona from the game and giving Rhys a small role is not a misfire, since the game is everything that fans have wanted for years.

New Stories from Borderlands is released on October 21 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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