New Tales From the Borderlands Doubles Down on Talking Gun Memes


The game will have the same chaotic tone released for the New Tales From The Frontier, the game will have the same chaotic tone that the franchise is known for. The game will feature a new outstanding cast, as well as cameos of such famous Borderlands characters as Rhys, and Tediore will play a predominant role in the story. Tediore will also bring back one of its defining products: walking, talking pistols.

While Tediore’s weapon, which moves on its own legs, is a great source of humor, it’s not the only talking weapon in the franchise. In fact, the New Tales from Borderlands continues the trend dating back to the Borderlands 2 game. Taking various forms, the talking weapons in Borderlands have their own personality, differing in more than expected functionality.

Lots of talking guns in the Borderlands series

One of the most memorable talking guns in the Borderlands series is the Curse, a weapon from Borderlands 2 that players can chase during a side quest. Throughout this mission, gamers will learn about the curse of the weapon, and once they receive it, the nature of this curse will become clear. Bane screams when fired, and although he is powerful, gamers are forced to stand still while he is equipped, which greatly limits their ability to move.

The Overcompensator shotgun has a stereotypical “dude, bro” voice, and the weapon in Borderlands 2 says “bro” every time it is fired. Hot mommy is a weapon full of innuendos that should prove popular among those usually associated with, usually associated with Crazy Moxie. Two other talking items from the Borderlands 2 game that stood out were the Shotgun and Shield 1340 1340, both of which had the voice of a memorable NPC named Loaderbot #1340.

While in Borderlands: the pre-sequel meme was supported with an electronic cannon, a major reference to “Ghostbusters”, which had hints of dialogues from the favorite movie franchise, the talking weapon was much more noticeable in the game Borderlands 3. The handsome Jackhammer was full of conversational cues. from Handsome Jack, and the Sale was received by gamers who killed themselves for money. When equipped, the Calypso Twins made fun of the owner of the weapon with the help of humorous built-in dialogues.

The P.A.T. may be the most memorable talking weapon so far, as the massive pistol appeared in a hilarious side quest from the Borderlands 3 game Psycho Krieg and the expansion fantastic joint, Supreme. In the quest with this weapon, players perform several silly tasks to help the weapon create a child. Hatched from an egg that gamers should take care of, they can equip and use the P.A. Mk. 3, a gun that talks the same way as the original A. and P.T.

Although little is known about the talking weapon from the first trailer of New Tales From The Frontier, it is very similar to P.A.T. thanks to its legs and manufacturer. Threatening to “blow up” an opponent, this talking gun will apparently be very aggressive and can become a fun companion, such as a loader bot or a Gortis. If that happens, the gearbox may be able to incorporate light FPS or third-person shooter mechanics into the spin-off, as players will have the perfect weapon to use in limited combat scenarios. Even quite can use this weapon talking, players and, possibly, capture it and repurpose it from Tedior to help them on their journey. While fans will have to wait and see if the upcoming Frontier spin-off lives up to expectations, it’s nice to see that it at least continues this long-standing meme.

New Stories from Borderlands is released on October 21 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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