New Tales from the Borderlands Confirmed for Gamescom 2022


Tales from the Borderlands was popular with Borderlands fans throughout the release of episodes in 2014 and 2015. The adventure game developed by Telltale Games has been praised for its plot and characters and has received a lot of praise. Despite the uncertainty of the franchise after the unexpected closure of Telltale in 2018, 2K was able to re-purchase the license last year, later confirming that the adventure spin-off is still ahead. Now the Borderlands adventure game is due to appear at Gamescom this year.

Jeff Cayley teased the appearance of New Tales from the Borderlands on Monday afternoon with a cryptic image uploaded to his Twitter. The tweet hinted that something would happen tomorrow during Gamescom with a note on the official Borderlands Twitter account, hinting at the franchise’s appearance during the convention. In recent weeks, New Tales from the Borderlands has already witnessed numerous leaks with details of the story and the ESRB rating. Gearbox also previously mentioned a major announcement of the sequel, which will take place in the summer.

The return of Tales from the Borderlands will be the first major new installment of the Borderlands spin-off in almost a decade. The original Tales from the Borderlands completed their five-part release “The Vault of the Traveler” in October 2015. Tales from the Borderlands did get a port on the Nintendo Switch last March, shortly after 2K relaunched the game. . The sequel to Tales from the Borderlands has also previously seen both the cover and release dates leaked online, and the game is reportedly due to be released on October 21.

The revival of Tales from the Borderlands by Gearbox and 2K could potentially mean a major departure from the original game. The presentation of New Tales from the Borderlands was accompanied by confirmation that Telltale Games will not work on a new game, and Gearbox will lead the development of a spin-off. Previous leaks related to the game’s plot also suggest that the sequel to Tales from the Borderlands will shift the focus to a new cast of characters, rather than the pair of Rhys and Fiona from the first game.

The new Borderlands spin-off from Gearbox is coming out as many fans are waiting for what will happen next with the popular loot shooter franchise. Borderlands separates three years from the launch of Borderlands 3 in September 2019, and the DLC season pass for the game ends in September 2020. – inspired by the shooter Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is coming out in March. The new Tales from the Borderlands should be a hit among fans of the history of the Borderlands universe.

The release of New Tales from the Borderlands is scheduled for 2022.


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