New Super Lucky’s Tale (3D), analyisis


Lucky returns in a totally revamped 3D platformer adventure in a multiplatform format; We analyzed it on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

The story of Lucky’s Tale is as curious as it is busy. So much so, that the Playful development studio presented at the beginning of 2016 a first version of the game for PC specially designed for the Oculus Rift VR, as one of the first launch titles of the, at that time, a new virtual reality device . It would not be until the end of 2017 when the game would leave behind its exclusivity with Oculus to reach PC and Xbox One, thus adapting its game proposal to a more traditional format. However, at the end of 2019 Playful surprised with a new version of its colorful title for Nintendo Switch as part of a series of ports shared between Microsoft and Nintendo, now baptized as New Super Lucky’s Tale. And the addition “New”, far from looking like a simple marketing move, reveals a deep revision of the original work, completing an adventure that can be considered almost a completely new game. Now, after its celebrated debut on Nintendo Switch, New Super Lucky’s Tale reaches the rest of current platforms, that is, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Let’s see how this profound facelift has sat down on the adventure of Lucky and company in our analysis.

Behind the lost pages of the Tome of Ages

Having reviewed the peculiar trajectory of such a colorful platform adventure, let’s see what it has to offer fans of a genre that lately have received more than interesting titles, from the remastering of classics like Crash Bandicoot or Spyro to new franchises like Yooka-Laylee or To Hat in Time, to name just a few examples. In this case, New Super Lucky’s Tale maintains a good part of the original structure of the base game, but as we said and due to the complete redesign of a good part of its main characteristics, this version can be considered almost as a totally new platform, maintaining its Children’s character, a title for all ages that will be especially attractive to the youngest members of the household, both for its audiovisual presentation and for its accessibility to its controls. However, let’s learn more about its context before delving into its novelties and game proposals.

At the plot level, New Super Lucky’s Tale maintains its essence intact and presents us with a simple story with the figure of the classic villain and a young hero who must restore peace to his home, while rescuing his loved ones. The story is presented at the beginning of the adventure through colorful minimally animated illustrations, all through an effective soundtrack with well-interpreted English voices with Spanish subtitles. Broadly speaking, the evil sorcerer Jinx and his peculiar family known as the Minine Litter, have defeated the guardians, of which Lucky and his family are part, thus sent to other worlds. Luckily, Lucky has the Tome of Ages, a book that links the different worlds through its pages, through which he can bring the rest of the guardians back. The problem is that the pages have been torn off by Jinx and it will be the task of our friendly protagonist to recover them through a journey through different and varied worlds.


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