A New Study Demonstrates The Shape Of The Universe Is Flat


Scientists from the UK have announced that they are measuring dark energy with a new method and that the data they obtained show that the universe is flat. Of course, the term ‘flat’ does not define a tray-like structure.

The debate about the shape of the universe has been engaged in the scientific world for a long time. Scientists are trying to measure the dark energy that is thought to make the universe expand in order to understand the shape of the universe.

Scientists from the University of Portsmouth in the UK have announced that they have gained new information about the shape of the universe by developing a method of measuring the effect of dark energy. Scientists stated that the universe is flat, based on the results they obtained from their studies.

How was dark energy measured, which allowed to determine the shape of the universe?
Scientists had previously been watching distant supernovae to measure dark energy. Scientists from the University of Portsmouth followed more than 1 million galaxies and quasars instead of supernovae.

The researchers said that these observations provide a much better understanding of how dark energy pushes the universe out. While the new method used shows that the universe is growing outwards, it also revealed findings that could end the ongoing discussions about the Hubble constant, which explains how fast the universe is growing.

The statement that the universe is flat brings a flat structure in the form of paper to all of us. Scientists say, however, that the universe has a donut-like shape, not flattened like paper, but flat by cosmological models.


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