New streaming platforms will increase competition in Brazil


With the popularization of video streaming, promoted, in large part, by the success of YouTube, in addition to the advances achieved in internet connections, video-on-demand services with professional content began to emerge, in addition to exclusive productions. In Brazil, the segment is still dominated by Netflix, but this scenario tends to change as new platforms arrive in the country.

Super productions and exclusive content

Two of the main streaming video services operating in Brazil share the largest market share among them: the aforementioned Netflix and Amazon’s Prime Video.

The two platforms offer super productions, including films, series, documentaries and exclusive content, developed in their own studios, in addition to charging a monthly subscription and not having any type of advertisement.

The national market still has a lot to mature, and this growth tends to be driven by the arrival of two new platforms until the end of this year: Pluto TV and Disney +.

Competition should already change the market in 2020

A few days ago, ViacomCBS announced that it will bring its free SVOD (video on demand service) to Brazil. Pluto TV, which already operates in other Latin American countries, should be in our country in December, and will offer content from 20 channels, in addition to films and series. As the platform is free, it will be financed through the insertion of advertisements.

Another SVOD about to debut here is Disney Plus, which will go live on November 17th. The service is expected to have a major impact on the national market, due to the exclusive content that will be offered, which covers titles from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.

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Other platforms that have already debuted in Brazil this year were UOL Play and Vix Cine and TV. UOL’s service was launched in April and features its own productions, alongside the entire collection of AwesomenessTV, Sony Pictures and Paramount +, as well as unlimited content from Fox, FX, Fox Premium, Fox Life, National Geographic, NatGeo Kids, Baby channels TV, Noggin, MTV, Comedy Central, Fox Sports and ESPN. Additionally, it is still possible to rent newly released films.

Vix Cine e TV, on the other hand, debuted here on August 14, offering films, series, documentaries, soap operas and other types of entertainment content. The platform does not require a subscription, and therefore will feature advertisements.

Other SVODs operating in Brazil include national GloboPlay and Telecine.

2021: new major services
From next year, the segment continues to increase competition and vying for the attention (and money) of users.

In addition to Pluto TV, ViacomCBS is yet to launch another SVOD in 2021, this time via monthly subscription. The service should arrive in Brazil in the same year, alongside another strong competitor: HBO Max.


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