New step for electric cars from Jaguar!

JLR is looking for a new partner to build Jaguar’s electric car platform. Jaguar Land Rover CEO Thierry Bollore confirmed that Jaguar is looking for a supplier to expand its range of all-electric vehicles.

JLR looking for partners for Jaguar’s electric cars

To secure Jaguar’s long-term future, the British automaker recently announced that the brand will only produce electric vehicles from 2025. JLR’s plan is for all future Jaguar models to share a single, common EV architecture. However, until now, it was not clear how this platform will be built.

Speaking to financial analysts on Friday, Bollore explained that Jaguar’s platform would be expensive to develop in-house, as it will remain a low-volume automaker and will likely produce less than the car it sold last year.

Bollore also told analysts that “There is naturally a great desire to work with us,” and he also spoke to “a range of actors” about using the brand’s pre-existing EV platform.

The company’s CEO also said that the choice of partner and platform will be partly determined by the designs of future Jaguar models, and the proportion of designs must be respected.

“Great design starts with volume,” says Gerry McGovern, head of design for Jaguar Land Rover. It is clear that jaguars will have quite different proportions. That’s why we should look for opportunities out there in terms of architectures that we can use or refine to give the breathtaking Jaguars I mentioned. ” found in the description.

Interestingly, Bollore also said that if Jaguar could not find a supplier, it would have to develop the platform in-house. “We may be developing the platform internally, but the design needs to be guided. “There’s no point in doing what we do with Jaguar, unless these products turn into a great shape.”



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