New step for COVID-19 vaccine from Facebook


The social media platform Facebook announced that it is launching new tools to make it easier for people to get the COVID-19 vaccine. These new tools are the first to help people in the US find a place and time to get vaccinated.

Facebook to collaborate on COVID-19 vaccine

During the outbreak, Facebook launched an online center for coronavirus information. Accordingly, when users visiting the center search for a city they want, they will view a map of places that offer them the COVID-19 vaccine and are close. The system, which will serve in 17 different languages, will work in partnership with VaccineFinder. Thus, it will be possible to see the information of the place where the vaccine will be obtained, working hours and the connections available to make an appointment.

The new tools also reveal how tech companies play a role in vaccine-related public health. Since the beginning of the process, sites such as Facebook had to struggle with allegations and misinformation that the vaccine had toxic effects and caused autism. “The data show that vaccines are safe and work,” said Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. “These are our greatest hope to overcome the virus and return to normal life.” Newly elected US President Joe Biden also stated last week that all states should administer vaccines to adults until May 1.

With all of this, Facebook stated that it has partnered with healthcare professionals and governments to register people with the vaccine service via WhatsApp. The social media network reported that governments, nonprofits and international organizations sent over 3 billion messages about COVID-19 through these WhatsApp chats.

In the coming weeks, the company said it will further increase the tagging that directs publications on COVID-19 vaccines to its COVID-19 Information Center. Last month, the company reported how serious it is, saying it will remove claims that vaccines cause physical harm from its platforms. In the USA, one of the countries where the epidemic hit the most, 531 thousand 766 people died as a result of respiratory diseases caused by the coronavirus. The number of people vaccinated in the country has now reached 107 million.