New Star Wars Game To Be Revealed In December By Disney


Star Wars: Disney has started a new campaign in the Star Wars universe that could include the unveiling of a new game in the franchise in December of this year. The action is called Bring Home the Bounty, and has a kind of roadmap on its official website, showing teasers of what we can expect in the coming weeks.

Each week will feature the revelation of some news from the Star Wars world. In that one, we had the appearance of new collectibles and action figures. The coming weeks do not clearly show what will be announced, bringing only icons as “tips” of what to expect.

Week 10, which will fall on December 14, brings a video game controller designed, making it very clear that we should have a new game unveiled on that date. But what we can expect from this title is open to speculation.

EA already had exclusives with games from the Star Wars universe, but announced that it does not intend to show any new games in the franchise until next year. We also know that Ubisoft is working on an open world game from the galaxy far, far away, so that could be a possibility. Also, rumors indicate that even Quantic Dream would be making a Star Wars game.

We can’t ignore the mobile device universe yet – mobile gaming is always possible, even with the console controller designed in the teaser.


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