New Spotify: What is the new custom Spotify Mixes?


Thanks to increasingly intelligent algorithms, services like Spotify can show you content based on your tastes, on the music you listen to every day. The music platform actually has a function called Daily Mix within the ‘For you’ section in the library, which is in the left column when you open Spotify.

Spotify Mixes

Ideal to have a varied playlist without having to do it, the drawback of the Daily Mix is ​​that you have to look at the songs to know the theme of that list. For this reason, to make this function clearer and more informative for the user, the service has taken Spotify Mixes from its sleeve, playlists inspired by the Daily Mix but divided into three new categories:

Favourite artists
Favorite genres
Favorite musical decades

For example, if you are a fan of Rita Ora, Taylor Swift, Rosalía or Bad Bunny, Spotify will create personalized lists for each singer. If you like the 80s a lot, the playlist will be a compilation of different songs and artists from that time. If you listen to a certain genre like Pop, or Dubstep, Trap or Rhythm and Blues, the list will be focused on that genre.

For Free and Premium users

The musical selection will start first with those favorite songs of the users and will be updated with new recommendations based on previous listening, so that the lists will grow and evolve over time.

The playlists of ‘Spotify Mixes’ are already available, and they will not make distinctions between those who use the service for free and those who do not, since they are available to all users of the free and Premium version of Spotify internationally.


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