New sports plush Pikachu toys have been added to the Pokémon Build-A-Bear collection

Build-A-Bear is adding to its growing collection of customizable plush Pokemon with new Pikachu sports offerings. The popular plush toy chain has been allowing customers to create plush versions of a variety of popular Nintendo collectible monsters since 2015, the most recent of which are Flarion, Jolteon and Vaporeon from the branched Eevee Pokemon evolution line. Some of these Pokémon Build-A-Bear offerings include fun alternative outfits like Snorlax’s comfortable sleepwear, Meowth’s Team Rocket—style hoodie, and even a warm hooded cape for Pokémon Sun and Alolan Vulpix from Moon – and many of them come bundled with special Pokemon Collectible cards relevant characters.
As one of the most iconic and recognizable species in the Pokemon franchise, Pikachu was naturally one of the first to model the Build-A-Bear teddy bear in his likeness. In addition to the standard Pikachu doll, which was introduced in December 2015, fans can order a Pikachu in a red and white anniversary T-shirt with a Pokemon image with its own face as a logo, a sweatshirt with a pokeball image and even a charming cosplay fierce Charizard. It seems that Pikachu has a new outfit for all occasions, even in additional games such as Pokémon GO and Pokémon Unite, and now Build-A-Bear presents even more variants of the beloved rodent of the Pokémon franchise for the 25th anniversary of the network. a holiday this year.
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Earlier this week, the official Build-A-Bear Twitter page announced two brand new stuffed Pokemon Pikachu, as reported by Nintendo Life. These cute soft animals will have a silver paw pad with the Build-A-Bear “25th Celebration Collection” logo, and they will be wearing a red or purple jacket. They will also be of two different varieties: one with a default smiling facial expression and “shiny” fur, and the other playfully winks at its owner. Build-A-Bear also offers a pair of exclusive online packages that include a matching pair of Pikachu pajamas and a voice box that plays up to six different electronic sounds. These online kits are now available to order through the Build-A-Bear website in both the US and the UK, and Build-A-Bear promises they will be available in physical stores soon.
Charming Pikachu must be on the team of any Pokemon trainer! Two of our NEW Build-A-Bear 25th Celebration Pikachu teddy bears are on sale (coming soon in store) to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Build-A-Bear fun!
United Kingdom:
— buildabear (@buildabear) July 15, 2022
At the end of this year, the Pokémon franchise is going to celebrate its own milestone with the upcoming release of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the 9th generation of the main Pokemon games, which are due to be released on the Nintendo Switch in November. Pikachu has already been confirmed as one of the many returning Pokemon breeds that populate Scarlet and Violet in European style, and the recent Pokemon trademark update hints that the attractive electric-type mascot could potentially receive a small redesign and new additional income. the game is outside of the main titles as well.
Meanwhile, Pikachu is one of the most famous and cute creatures in Nintendo’s long-running Pokémon series, and Build-A-Bear adds the latest Pokemon-themed stuffed animals to its many unique looks. Fans can now add Pikachu Build-A-Bear anniversary toys dedicated to the 25th anniversary to their collections, and hopefully other interesting options will be announced later this year.