New Splinter Cell Must Have Open World Halo Infinite Style


Splinter Cell: Less than a month ago, rumors surfaced that a new game in the Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell franchise was in the early stages of production. This last Wednesday (8), new rumors indicate that the adventure will be in an open world, as well as other famous titles, such as the new Halo Infinite.

According to information revealed by Tom Herderson, a freelance journalist from the VGC website known for leaking information about games, the new adventure of the Splinter Cell franchise will be Assassin’s Creed style, but more stealthy — the communicator had already revealed several information about the recently released Battlefield 2042.

An open version Halo Infinite style

As insider sources revealed, the game will be full of “elements similar to what Halo Infinite did in its open world”. In other words, although Splinter Cell is known for its stealth and linear story mode, the game should offer a more immersive experience and more spontaneous possibilities.

Upon revealing the information in a Twitter message, Herderson also said the game is in early production.

Ubisoft has yet to announce the next Splinter Cell, but several rumors suggest the title is in production. Even one of the information indicates that the game is not being produced by the main studio of the company, located in Montreal.