New Space Order: Netflix releases movie trailer


Netflix today released the trailer for the space opera New Space Order. In the preview, a group of space garbage collectors find a robot that may be worth a lot of money, but will put many dangers behind them. Check out the video.

The plot of the film takes place in the year 2092, when humanity was forced to colonize space, the orbit is full of garbage, like unused satellites and abandoned spaceships. The Victory’s crew travels through space looking for rare items in the trash that can be worth a lot of money and so they find an ancient robot capable of exterminating an entire planet. Now they will need to figure out how to profit from this weapon, while running away from others interested in the robot.

This will be another of the launches that the streaming giant intends to make in 2021 to increase the number of subscribers. Last week, Netflix released a video featuring the films that will be released throughout the year, with the slogan “one film a week”.

Directed by Sung-hee Jo and Song Joong-Ki, Kim Tae-ri, Hae-Jin Yoo, Daniel Joey Albright and John D. Michaels in the cast, New Space Order hits the Netflix catalog on February 5.


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