New Solution to Control Smart Devices from Xiaomi


Xiaomi wants to eliminate the need for a Wi-Fi network to control smart devices, instead focusing on ultra-broadband (UWB) technology. The company states that with Xiaomi UWB, you can set up a local GPS system inside your home.

In addition to being a smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi is also a consumer electronics company that has a work on almost every technology product we may need in daily life. For this reason, the company recently announced Xiaomi UWB, which enables smart home devices to communicate with each other independently of the local Wi-Fi network.

Xiaomi UWB or Ultra Broadband uses a similar technology to traditional TV controllers, unlike standard solutions that use the home Wi-Fi network. The difference is that the Xiaomi UWB uses ultra-broadband technology for wireless control support, not infrared light like TV controllers.

Xiaomi UWB allows you to set up a local GPS system in your own home

Xiaomi UWB using 500 MHz and higher bandwidth; It can be used to control wireless monitors, routers and modems, smart home appliances. Moreover, the technology in question also shows the location and direction of the devices in the house, according to Xiaomi. Therefore, Xiaomi UWB works like a local GPS technology.

Xiaomi has published a demo video showing how ultra-broadband technology can be a practical solution to control smart products. However, various antennas and equipment are required to use the technology. Therefore, Xiaomi UWB is not expected to be a product used by everyone in the short term.

Xiaomi UWB promotional video

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