New software for some Poco and Samsung phones!


LineageOS 18.1, one of the most popular Android distributions of the last period, now supports more devices. Here are the new Poco and Samsung models!

Thanks to the open source structure of the Android operating system, modified Android versions for devices can be prepared by third-party developers if certain parameters are shared. ROMs developed for Android phones and tablets are generally shared via XDA Developers, and bug fixes / improvements are made by receiving feedback from users. In this context, LineageOS 18.1, one of the most popular distributions of the last period, announced new devices that it supports.

New phones with LinageOS 18.1 support!

LinageOS aims to provide pure Android experience. In this context, when you install the software on your device, you say goodbye to interfaces such as OneUI and MIUI, and you get a pure Android interface like Google Pixel series phones.

Based on the Android 11 operating system, this ROM offers many different features besides the built-in backup feature, the renewed voice recorder, music player and dark mode support that has become an indispensable part of our lives. You can download LinageOS 18.1 for the newly supported Poco F3, Poco X3 Pro and Galaxy M20 from the following links:

Poco F3
Poco X3 Pro – wow
Samsung Galaxy M20 – m20lte
Although installing a ROM has become a very simple process in recent years, we would like to point out that in case of any malfunction, your device that is sent to the service without the original software will most likely be out of warranty and you are responsible for this whole process.


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