New Social Media Campaign from NASA


Working on the Artemis mission that will take humanity back to the Moon, NASA asked its followers what they would like to take with them if they were going to the Moon in a new social media campaign.

NASA, a highly successful organization in public relations, continues to launch new campaigns to keep people around the world interested in space missions.

Planning to bring people to the Moon again in 2024 with the Artemis mission, we can say that NASA, in its campaign launched to draw attention to the Artemis mission, roughly turned the question “What would you take with you if you fell on a deserted island?”

If you were a true astronaut, what would you take with you on your way to the Moon?
Announcing the new social media campaign on its official website, NASA asks people what they want to put in the bag they will take to the Moon and asks them to share their ideas with a photo or video on the #NASAMoonKit tag Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

At this point, social media users have two different options. Those who do not want to give up their freedom, even on the moon, can put whatever they want in their bags. However, in what NASA describes as Expert Mode, users can only buy a 12.7 x 20.3 x 5.1 cm bag like a real NASA astronaut. Therefore, you will not be able to take everything you want in Expert Mode.

“We’re excited to see what you get in your bag for the ultimate adventure, a flight to the Moon,” said Bettina Inclán, Communications Manager at NASA’s Headquarters in Washington. While using his testimony, he stated that gaining new information about the Artemis mission at a time when many people were studying remotely or working from home was a unique way to support NASA on the next Moon journey.

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