New single “Retrograde” from Turkish Young Singer Aleyna Tilki


In pop country, a new artist emerges every week who can become a phenomenon, but Aleyna Tilki is not just another candidate in the list of future superstars.

The 20-year-old singer has been involved in music since she was fourteen and is now a celebrated pop diva in her home country Turkey. Thanks to this immense fan base, Warner Music was also attracted to the young star; she became the first Turkish act to put the label on the map internationally, and a lot was pulled out for that. In terms of styling and artwork, her team seems to have mainly looked to Dua Lipa.

After Aleyna sang exclusively in Turkish, “Retrograde” is her first English-language release. The song was originally planned for Dua Lipa’s masterful Future Nostalgia , but was eventually passed on to the newcomer. The single was penned by Dua and her ranks of hit writers, while Diplo was responsible for the production. All of this results in a hit in the making. “Retrograde” does not stick to the traditional pop structure and has therefore become a somewhat atypical song, but that is perhaps what makes it so tempting. Aleyna reaches for the stars, but has to be careful not to imitate Dua Lipa too much.


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