New sign up method added for Spotify


In order to register for some of the mobile applications, there are options to register with Facebook, Google or Apple ID. Although there has been the option to sign in with a Facebook account for Spotify for a while, signing in with an Apple ID was recently offered. There was no option to sign up with a Google account. Spotify offers Google account login and registration as its new signup method.

Spotify becomes the new sign up method, Google account

On the Android side, Spotify now offers options to sign up or log in using a Google account. In addition, other registration methods are still available. However, it is currently not possible to link your existing account with a Google account in addition to this feature.

Spotify yeni kaydolma yontemi

While this is a nice and practical feature, it is said that this sign-up method should not be used for now. Accounts created in normal or traditional ways are said to be more secure. Because if your Google account is stolen, suspended or encounters with any problems, you may also have problems logging into Spotify. Still, the decision is yours, of course.

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