New service for rural deliveries from Amazon


The company, which recently activated the Prime service in our country, wants to increase its dominance in the delivery network. E-commerce giant Amazon is planning a new service for delivery to rural areas.

Amazon plans service for rural delivery

Amazon, one of the first companies that come to mind when it comes to e-commerce sites in the world, continues to serve its users in many areas and to expand these areas. The company, which started to provide fast delivery by activating the courier service in our country, is developing a new delivery service.

Amazon kırsal teslimatlar için yeni hizmet geliştiriyor

The company, which uses postal services to transport rural areas in the US market, plans to set up its own system instead of relying on the US Postal Services, according to information on its website, The Information.

Although the name of the service and when it will be announced is not yet clear, the new job posting on the company’s career page shows that it plans to activate the service in a short time. Described as a new delivery job aimed at improving delivery in rural areas, the job posting has recently been created.

Amazon officials stated in the past weeks that they will continue to invest money in the shipping and delivery infrastructure for years to come. In addition, the company announced that order fulfillment costs reached $ 15 billion.

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