New security regulation for Chrome from Google


Google Chrome 86 update started to speak of itself. Chrome continues to be popular on both desktop and mobile devices.

The search engine giant says it prioritizes users’ safety whenever possible. It was announced that this update is prepared for iOS and Android users.

What will Google Chrome 86 update offer?

Chrome, which can save users’ passwords in encrypted form, will now compare such information with stolen information, including credentials. Thus, a new password set by a user can be changed immediately if a password has been previously compromised (stolen by someone else).

Google will give some advice on changing a password for users who accidentally choose this type of password. The American company, which has been operating for 22 years, will not miss smartphone users.

Mobile users will also be able to check if their password has been stolen by someone else and whether the version of Chrome they are using is up to date. In addition, it was stated that the passwords used by iOS users in other applications and browsers can also be saved automatically.

iOS users will no longer enter passwords repeatedly in every application. Users who want to seize this opportunity will need to pass a biometric authentication test. Android users will be able to use Google’s safe scanning service against phishing attacks and viruses.

Those who want to use this service must entrust their data to Google’s secure browsing service. In addition, Google, which does not want Android users to fill in unsafe information forms, will warn those who want to complete such a process.

Chrome will warn people who want to download unsafe files or prevent such downloads. This update is known to be currently under development. What do you think of Google Chrome 86? We are waiting your comments.


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