New screen patent for foldable iPhone appeared


Details of Apple’s work on the foldable iPhone model continue to come to the fore. A short while ago, details of Apple’s patent application came out. As understood from this patent application, Apple is seriously working on a more durable foldable display.

Patent durable screen for foldable iPhone

First of all, Apple’s new patent application also covers smartphone models that can be folded both horizontally and vertically. This means that Apple is working on two different foldable mobile devices such as Samsung.

katlanabilir iphone

The main point of patents is to prevent scratches and breaks in the folding parts of the screen. There are details about a screen coating that will make flexible screens more durable but will not prevent them from folding. It is stated in the patent details that attention is drawn to the prevention of micro scratches on the folding points of the flexible screen.

Recently, many Apple’s patents, which are thought to be related to foldable iPhone, have started to come up. However, it should be noted that Apple is not expected to announce such a device anytime soon. As far as it is understood, Apple does not think that the foldable screen technology is sufficient at the moment. However, it continues to work on this subject.

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