New Samsung refrigerators save 47% of energy


Samsung recently launched in Brazil the new line of Evolution refrigerators. The products arrive in the country promising quiet operation, energy savings of up to 47% and high durability.

The Evolution refrigerator line promises to work quietly, courtesy of an engine that never shuts off. Constant operation ensures temperature balance and avoids common noises from the appliance, such as noises when the compressor is in action after the door is opened and closed.

Source: Samsung

Despite working constantly, the refrigerator promises not to weigh on the electricity bill and, according to Samsung, guarantees savings of up to 47% compared to other models available on the market. The company said that the fact that the engine does not stop running prevents the part from turning on and off, which guarantees better autonomy.

Surge protection

With a 10-year warranty, the line’s refrigerators feature PowerVolt technology. According to Samsung, the novelty guarantees protection against power surges and voltage variations in the power grid.

Samsung explains that it did several tests during the development of home appliances to ensure extra protection for consumers in Brazil, which is the world leader in recording lightning strikes. “The new Evolution refrigerators withstand power surges of up to 310V without generating any damage or changes in the state of the product”, guarantees the company.


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