New Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro leak showing specs


Rumors and leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro have been around for a while. A recording and APK analysis from the Galaxy Store has now been added to these. According to the new leaks, Galaxy Buds Pro has a design that improves passive noise cancellation. In addition, the 3D spatial sound feature offered by Apple on AirPods will also welcome users in Galaxy Buds Pro.

Galaxy Buds Pro looks like Buds Plus in terms of design. Soft ear tips are where this similarity peaks. The overall design of the headset is somewhere between Buds Plus and Buds Live. According to the leaks; There will be three color options for the headset: black, white and a mixture of purple / blue.

Although the 3D spatial sound feature is like the most important innovation, this feature will only work on Samsung devices with Android 11 operating system. This feature, which simulates the surround sound system, changes the direction of the sound according to the direction of the head and the position of the phone. Apple also added the feature to its headphones a while ago.

Another feature is called “Voice Detect”. The feature in question detects this when users are speaking and automatically lowers the volume. The sound balance of the left and right headphones can also be changed for those who have hearing problems. Features such as active noise canceling, customizable touch control, notification reading and “Find My Headphones” will also be available on Galaxy Buds Pro.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will likely be official with the Galaxy S21 in January. While there is no leak on the phone’s price, the price is expected to be somewhere between Buds Live and Buds Plus. This means that an overseas sales price of about $ 150 to $ 170 can be set.