New rule from YouTube that scares channel owners


Known for its sensitivity to copyright, YouTube has introduced new rules. The social media giant has tightened its rules even more, allowing the copyright holder to take money from the relevant part of the content, or remove the content in case of unauthorized use of a music or image.

YouTube suspends video upload after copyright

Trump supporters alleged that the printing of the US Capitol and the subsequent spreading of videos containing false information on YouTube in order to conduct a perception operation accelerated the decision to change the rules.

If a channel receives a copyright strike on YouTube, it will not be able to post any videos for a week. When the same channel receives the second strike within 90 days, it will not be able to broadcast any video for 2 weeks.

On the 90th day, that is, when the third warning is received within 3 months, it will be completely removed from YouTube. Even if the channel owner deletes the content that infringes on copyright, the strike will be accepted. Although channel owners, especially those with high subscribers, pay close attention to copyright issues, it can sometimes be overlooked.

In this case, it seems inevitable to face serious consequences. What do you think about tightening YouTube copyright rules? We are waiting your comments…

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