New RSMART line coming with lamp and Wi-Fi socket


Brazilian electronics distributor Rcell officially announced today its commitment to enter the connected homes market, bringing in this first move the inclusion of two smart products: the SMART Wi-Fi socket and the SMART Wi-Fi lamp, which will be sold under the seal RSMART.

Compatible with 110V or 240V networks, the socket and the SMART lamp have certification approved by Anatel and provide the possibility of control by both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, thus allowing to command through voice and devices connected to the user’s account .

According to Alexandre Della Volpe Elias, Marketing Director at Rcell, the products are geared towards home automation and have advantages such as the affordable price and easy configuration, something certainly important when we talk about smart devices like these.

“They are innovative and intelligent products, aimed at home automation using Internet of Things (IoT), in addition to being easy to use and accessible to everyone. Our development team used all the technical criteria necessary for products to receive the certifications required in Brazil ”

Among the differentials cited by the brand for the new outlet, we have the possibility of monitoring consumption, displaying history and customizing timers to turn on and off any appliance connected to it, thus avoiding forgetting something connected at home.

The lamp has a configuration for up to 16 million colors, in addition to using LED technology with a power of 9W and a service life of over 25,000 hours, that is, almost 3 years if we consider this value as a limit mark.


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