“New rooms” coming for Google Meet


Google Meet gains features that are especially useful for teachers and students. Google Meet, which was recently brought to the agenda with its “question-answer” feature and surveys, which is a live lecture-oriented feature, now has a new meeting room called “break rooms” or “breakout rooms” for smaller group meetings. What exactly will Google Meet break rooms be like?

Google Meet break rooms are coming for less group conversations

During the quarantine period, many courses are taught on the Internet. Digital conversations with classes of tens of people can get complicated when it comes to smaller groups. Google introduced its new feature to allow fewer people to make calls.

Currently this feature is only available to Enterprise for Education users, but the tech giant says it will roll out to more users in the coming days. This feature, which is especially demanded by university students, has the potential to increase participation by allowing small group discussions at the same time.

Google Meet mola odalari-00

The person creating the call can create up to 100 break rooms in one call. Participants will be distributed randomly and equally to the rooms. The person opening the conversation can move them to different rooms if necessary. Moderators can also move from one room to another to watch and participate in discussions. This feature in Zoom, which users also love, can be compared to entering between conversations on the Zoom side.

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