New Riot Games bet, Valorant will launch on June 2 for PCs


Valorant is the newest bet from Riot Games to start a new revolution in massive online games. But calm down: the company will not put League of Legends aside, not least because the games have very different proposals.

Placed in beta in April, Valorant is already the record holder for the audience on Twitch, the game transmission platform. It is a team shooting game similar to Counter Strike or even Overwatch, with the aim of planting and detonating a bomb, while the other team defends. The developer, of course, carries a name, and therefore even before the official launch, the game is already a phenomenon.

Good news for the community of players who have gained access to the beta is that the official launch was scheduled for June 2 on PCs. So, as soon as the beta phase ends, on May 28, there will be a short wait until the official opening of world servers.

Riot promises that June 2 marks the beginning of a very close relationship between its development team and the game, which will support it with updates, new modes and characters for many cycles. In the words of the game’s executive producer, Anna Donion, this will be a relationship “that will last for decades”.

With a focus on small team fights 5×5, Valorant may draw the attention of Overwatch players especially. The difference is that Valorant will be free, while Overwatch continues to have a financial barrier to allow players to enter this universe. Does Blizzard react?

Remember, Overwatch gained availability for Nintendo Switch last year. That would be an advantage of the title compared to the potential competitor, which for now would be released exclusively for Windows.

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