New research for WhatsApp and Telegram: Danger!


“Are WhatsApp and Telegram dangerous?” The question is asked by many. Because in recent years, we have provided you with various information about digital attacks that have victimized even world-famous platforms.

Those responsible for these attacks, which can harm everyone from companies to users, are sometimes not caught. Researchers around the world are sadly concerned about cybercrime.

Are WhatsApp and Telegram dangerous? Here is the answer to the new research

This study, conducted by the Darmstadt Technical University and the University of Würzburg, revealed that users did not feel safe and believed they would be victims of privacy breaches. Cyber ​​security experts said that apps like WhatsApp and Telegram give hackers an advantage in getting personal information away.

According to the information received, hackers need that person’s phone number and other personal information belonging to that person in order to hack a person’s accounts. The person whose accounts are seized may not realize that they have been attacked for a long time.

Researchers searched the phone numbers of 33 million US citizens and also obtained their personal information. 50 percent of the people included in the research have a profile photo that can be seen by everyone. 90 percent of this population uses the “About Me” section publicly.

This information speeds up the hackers’ job, and one person’s information can even make another person’s account vulnerable to attack. 40 percent of US citizens fear data breaches.

Hackers can create accounts on behalf of others and scam people. When we come to the Telegram front, we encounter a new system, but this system also threatens users’ data.

Because of this update, the personal information of many users has been revealed. The information obtained by almost every chat application is transferred to the servers, and the attackers try to infiltrate these servers to capture people’s information.

WhatsApp and Telegram are known to have made many changes in their privacy policy. In addition, people who use extra security measures such as verification codes and QR infrastructure are safer than people who do not use them, but still cannot find a definitive solution against these attacks.

Messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram now provide all kinds of information to governments to catch attackers. Which is the safest messaging app in your opinion?


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