New releases of the week have a game in the style of Dark Souls and controversial simulator

The second half of April begins with the launch of prominent games on consoles and computers. One of them is Hellpoint, which arrives for PlayStation 4 (PS4), Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, via Steam. The title follows more or less the style of the Dark Souls series, with high difficulty, scary scenarios and enemies that will be scary, and a lot of work. In addition to it, there are other games that land in stores, including the controversial Drug Dealer Simulator, which puts the player in the role of a drug dealer to build a large illegal empire. Check out all the news and stay on top of what’s next.

Hellpoint – PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch – April 16
Hellpoint is a third-person action role-playing game that mixes elements of Dark Souls with DOOM. The title shows the player in charge of a character who must prevent hellish hordes from invading Earth, while having to eliminate threats along the way. This promises to be one of the great games of April not only for the graphics, but also for the quality of challenge and gameplay of an already established genre.

Vampire: The Masquerade Coteries of New York – Xbox One – April 15
Previously released on PC, PS4 and Switch, Vampire: The Masquerade Coteries of New York is a game based on the RPG book Vampire: The Mask. The game is focused on dialogues and character development, without many action scenes but with enough conversation to deal with the facts. The adventure takes place in New York City, as we unravel a great mystery within the world of the most powerful vampires of darkness.

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Drug Dealer Simulator – PC – April 16
Promising to cause controversy, Drug Dealer Simulator arrives via Steam on computers. In this game, you control a drug dealer who needs to build his illegal empire and become the main drug dealer in an urban city. It is possible to follow different paths, always with a certain freedom. For this reason, the game is only suitable for people over 18.

The Fox Awaits Me – Switch – April 16
The Fox Awaits Me is another game in the style “anime” that comes to Switch, within the genre of Visual Novel. In this genre, we follow stories told through static images and a lot of dialogue, choosing conversation options and simulating the characters’ lives. The Fox Awaits Me mixes sadness, humor and terror with its main elements, all accompanied by graphics that resemble drawings.



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