New regulation that affects users from YouTube!


YouTube no longer wants to use many options for its image quality adjustment system. In many video sites, users are not given the opportunity to determine the quality as in YouTube.

According to information received, this channel, which has been operating since 2005, wants to continue its way with a simpler interface. As you know, when you want to adjust the image quality of a video, you can choose between 144p and 8K.

May change YouTube image quality adjustment system

YouTube wants viewers to change the image quality of videos with just four options. The first option will be called “automatic” and users will be offered this option.

This option, which makes an adjustment according to the internet speed and the quality of the video card used in the computer (related hardware of other electronic devices will also be taken into account), will be accompanied by an option named “Higher image quality”. This option will use more data.

The third option will be called “Data saving” so less data will be wasted. In the “Advanced” option, you will be allowed to select a specific resolution. When will this system tested by YouTube be offered to users?

The answer to this question is unfortunately not yet clear. Google does not want to remove the old habit of users at once, but we can say that it will remove it over time by looking at the past regulations. Whether the video site, which lifts the limitations in image quality in July of this year, will implement this arrangement is up to Google’s decision.

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How do you think YouTube’s new system? Do you think it is necessary?


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