New Red Dead Online Update — Why Fans Think July 5th Is So Likely


Red Dead Redemption 2, released in 2018, was the sequel to the blockbuster influential Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar Games, released in 2010. in the beta version. Initially successful and supported, Rockstar Games has gradually stopped releasing content for the online game mode, and soon (at the time of writing) it will be a whole year since any new content was added.

Red Dead Redemption 2 takes place in 1899 and follows the story of Arthur Morgan, a criminal and a member of the Dutch van der Linde gang. Returning characters from the previous game (which mostly takes place 12 years later in 1911) include the previous protagonist John Marston (with one of the biggest spoilers of Red Dead Redemption 2) and his family, Dutch van der Linde, Javier Escuela and Bill. Williamson. The action of Red Dead Online takes place a year earlier, in 1898, and follows the escapades of a non-standard character created by the player as they travel through the world of criminals and lawyers in the dying West. Opportunities include bounty hunting, collecting rare and exotic curiosities, becoming a merchant or opening an illegal moonshine business.

Unfortunately, on July 6, 2022, Red Dead Online will go a whole year without updates, and many fans think that July 5 is the last chance to hear about it before coming to terms with the opinion that Rockstar Games has abandoned the service. . Speculation has been rampant, from data mining identifying unused game content and generating rumors about possible DLC, to tracking annual release schedules and using them to extrapolate when the next major content release will be. Many fans think that Take Two does not understand their claims to RDO at all. All this comes from the fan base, which started creating petitions, created a hashtag (#SaveRedDeadOnline) and constantly appealed to the developers to tell them about the game they had been immersed in for many hours.

Why July 5 is an important day for Red Dead Online Players

July 6, 2022 marked the year without any updates to Red Dead Online content. Rockstar has been rolling out updates in the form of monthly and weekly challenges, deals, and community events, but nothing on the scale of Blood Money 2021 or Frontier Pursuits 2019. It’s rare when a developer doesn’t offer any major content updates for an entire year for a game they supposedly still support, and many players believe that if this mark passes and Rockstar Games doesn’t make any statements, they signal that they’re not interested in the game. further support for Red Dead Online.

Many videos and Reddit posts call for action in Red Dead Online on July 5, believing that there is still time to save Red Dead Online. Youtuber TheProfessional released a video in which he detailed his views on this topic. In it, he states that, in his opinion, the date is important, and Rockstar Games will wash its hands of the service if they do not release at least a paragraph-sized update about any new content in development, which will appear on July 5.

Rockstar Games’ silence on the state of Red Dead Online has disappointed many fans. Many have come to terms with the fact that they will not receive any new content, and some still have hope. As a year is fast approaching since the release of Blood Money, Rockstar Games will have to give a definitive answer whether they still intend to maintain their online experience in the Wild West.