New Recommendation from Binance CEO


Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao recently mentioned the Brave browser in a post he shared. Zhao suggests using Brave to people.

Growing Brave
Brave, one of the biggest projects in the blockchain industry, continues to grow rapidly. Reaching millions of users, Brave, unlike other Internet browsers, works especially on data privacy and personal security.

Brave users can use the browser without risking their personal information and they can earn extra income thanks to the ads they watch on the browser. Thanks to all these features, Brave has become one of the industry’s most supported projects.

Now, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao also mentioned Brave and recommended people to use Brave. Reminding people that they can protect their personal data for free, Zhao said that all they need to do is use Brave.

Partner Praise
When Binance CEO praises Brave, he actually praises his partner. Because Binance has recently begun to cooperate with Brave.

Brave users can now easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies using the Binance widget inside the browser. Thanks to this new service, people can get Bitcoin as simple as possible without dealing with complex processes.

Considering that such a partnership has been established between Binance and Brave, it should not be surprising that Changpeng Zhao makes statements praising Brave.


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