New Punisher Abilities Make Marvel’s Antihero Deadlier Than Ever

Warning! Spoilers for Punisher #4 from Marvel Comics
The new abilities have turned the Punisher into an even more deadly antihero, as the Fist of the Beast has just used his incredible abilities against a group of villains and showed what he is really capable of. In Marvel Comics’ Punisher #4, two assassins hired by the Hand to check on the Punisher threaten his newly reborn wife. To stop them, the Punisher directs the Beast’s Arms and uses powers that make it even more terrifying than ever before.
The Punisher is currently working alongside an organization of assassins, The Hand, after they resurrected his dead wife Maria in a deal that made him the new Fist of the Beast. As part of his agreement, he has become an even more deadly force in the Marvel universe, killing in the name of the Monster. However, as part of a new arrangement as the Monster’s new Fist, Frank Castle is endowed with some incredible mystical abilities that make him virtually unstoppable, as the two assassins have just learned.
In Punisher #4, Jason Aaron, Jesus Size, Paul Azaceta, Dave Stewart and Corey Petit from Marvel Comics’ VC, Frank Castle is met by Lady Bullseye and Lord Deathstroke. The villains kill the guards of the Hand and try to end the life of the Punisher, warning him that the proto-priestess is filling his head with lies about his true nature as a new Fist of the Beast. After the Punisher is shot, Castle’s wife Maria checks what is causing the commotion outside. When Lord Deathstroke points two pistols at her, the Punisher’s powers are released. With the red energy surrounding him, Castle, “with the power of every person who has ever killed,” throws a fiery dagger into the chest of the Lord of Deathstroke.
Lady Bullseye is stunned to see the Fist of the Beast released by the Punisher as she bows to him after seeing his deadly power defeat her fellow villain. The meeting turns out to be a test for the proto-priestess, who hired assassins to further push Frank Castle to get closer to the Monster. The mission turns out to be successful, but the problem ends with the Punisher turning against her after revealing the murderous steps she took to ensure the loyalty of her killer.
The Punisher was already one of the deadliest forces in the Marvel universe. But now, with his incredible Beast Fist abilities, he had turned into something much darker. Frank Castle is a real killing machine whose deal with the Hand changed him forever. However, after seeing the real price of loyalty among the organization, the Punisher questions the deal he made, and now he has a new mission to escape from the cult with his wife. Punisher #4 from Marvel Comics is already on sale.