New PS5 Firmware Improves Performance On Certain Games A Bit


The PS5 received a major firmware update last week (the 15th) that brought the long-awaited support for capacity expansion via an M.2 SSD. But it seems that, in addition to the new features, the update also improves the performance of some games on the console a bit.

The information comes from the folks at Digital Foundry, who talked about it on their DF Direct Weekly program. The presenters’ debate is quite long and goes through several themes, but the PS5 news is commented on in the first segment.

In short, tests with the new firmware showed a gain of some frames on Control and Devil May Cry 5, which appeared to be some of the most tangled up PS5 games to run certain parts – especially with ray tracing. The gain is very small indeed, and is around a maximum of 2% to 3%, according to the presenters.

The discovery was made further because of the debate about the new version of the PS5, which has a lower heatsink and which started wild discussions on the internet about a “downgrade” of the console. While testing the different versions of the console, techs noticed a difference in performance that was related to the firmware, not the video game model change. This was confirmed by testing two PS5s of the same version but with different firmwares.

This version of the system software was in beta during Digital Foundry testing, but it was finalized and made available as the big update we saw last week, bringing this small performance gain to all players.


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