New Project to Reduce Privacy Violations from Twitter: Privacy Center


New Project to Reduce Privacy Violations from Twitter: Privacy Center. The social media giant Twitter, whose name has been mistaken for privacy violations, opens a section to provide information about privacy to its users. In addition, the site will also change its privacy policy.

Twitter announced today that it will open the Twitter Privacy Center in a blog post, acknowledging that there are points that can be improved to protect the privacy of its users. The Privacy Center’s goal is to provide greater clarity on what Twitter does to protect the information users share with the site. Twitter also announced that it will update the site’s privacy policy in a series of tweets it shares. This change will take effect on 1 January 2020.

“We believe that companies should approach with a more responsible attitude towards people who trust and entrust their personal information, and we believe that they should not only protect personal information but explain how they do it,” the site said in a series of tweets announcing new developments.

The purpose of the new Privacy Center is to:

Privacy Center; It is designed as a home base to provide information on privacy innovations, announcements, new privacy products, communications about security incidents, and more. On the day the updates were made and the Twitter Privacy Center was opened, the following tweet was shared by the site:

“Today we update our terms and privacy policy and launch the Twitter Privacy Center. These updates are supported by an emerging privacy and data protection program that is responsible for us and to keep your data safe.”

Twitter also updated its privacy policy last April to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It was found that the social networking giant, which was subjected to review for past actions on privacy, used e-mail addresses and phone numbers held by users for security purposes for advertising purposes. It was also disclosed that the information could also be shared with third parties.

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