New Project of Famous NBA Designer: Blockchain for Solution to Global Hunger!


NBA product designer Shawn Kurz explains that he plans to build relationships with future generations and design interesting products in this direction to solve the global hunger problem. Kurz, who designs products for the NBA and supplies coffee for giant institutions, also carries out projects to end hunger in the world with blockchain technology. Today, although many aid organizations are carrying out projects for global hunger, Kurz states that these are no longer enough.

Attracting Generations Y and Z

To address these thoughts, Kurz founded FoodChain Global (FCG), a blockchain-based charity. Cody Boyd, a former military systems engineer, is leading FCG’s development of its blockchain, and the team is donating profits from issuing the FoodChain Global token (FOOD) and NFTs to food banks.

Kurz says that his aim with this project is to raise awareness of the younger generations in the fight against global hunger. To this end, Kurz and his team plan to attract the attention of generations Y and Z with digital products. Kurz says:

“To continue tackling the problem of global hunger, we must engage with future generations and produce products accordingly. At the same time, we have to make the products appealing to them.”

According to Kurz, many of the existing blockchain projects, especially prank coins, add little to the real world. Kurz says that humanity must now turn to more serious events and urges the leaders of macro institutions to see the good sides of technology.

Where Is This Money Going?

In addition, Kurz underlines that most of those who donate to charities only donate and do not have information about where the money is spent after donation. However, Kurz adds that investors who buy FOOD tokens can easily track where their money is going, thanks to Polygon’s blockchain explorer. Since transactions are open to the ecosystem in Polyscan, anyone can see the movements of digital assets in FCG. Therefore, philanthropists can track which charity their money goes to.

Today, organizations that receive or do help with crypto are increasing. Many blockchain-based projects raise millions of dollars through their philanthropic initiatives. Crypto donation platform The Giving Block says their donations in February are 16 times the donations raised in 2021.