New Pokémon Snap Will Have Online Features


The title will be released on Nintendo Switch next April. The official website confirms online functionalities; we argue our proposals.

New Pokémon Snap is one of the most anticipated games of this first half of 2021 on Nintendo Switch; for both console players in general and Pokémon fans in particular.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the saga, a historic event that will be complemented by many announcements. The first date is the sequel to the original 1999 title for Nintendo 64, which will include a multitude of new features; from creatures of the eight generations to the Lúmini phenomenon and more than 200 species, all adapted to the current generation. We have recently learned that there will also be online features, but not a multiplayer mode to use (it is a single player experience). So what is it about? We propose several ideas.

1. A community Fotodex?

The first is to make use of a kind of own, internal social network, which brings together content just as Miiverse did. It is somewhat complex, perhaps more than necessary, considering that Twitter will act like a snowball thanks to its hashtags. It already happened with Animal Crossing: New Horizons in 2020. The most logical thing, therefore, is there may be some kind of wall where these images can be shared and a common Fotodex is created with the possibility of voting with “likes” on the photos of the creatures .

Thus, we would have —for example— the most outstanding photos of Torchic, Pikachu and company; something similar to the voting of levels of Super Mario Maker 2, but with photos.

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2. Photo sharing with Nintendo Switch friends

Another very basic is the exchange of images with friends that we have added to the console. Even, there are incentives to chain these messages for consecutive days. This is something that works perfectly in video games like Pokémon GO, although the nature of both titles is different, since we do not know if New Pokémon Snap will establish its day-night cycle according to the real clock. In any case, it seems like a remarkable idea, especially if it is linked to the iOS and Android app.

3. Online rankings

What we look forward to most in this writing. Can you imagine a small competitive component? Being indirect, it would not destroy the nature of the game, which departs from claims such as pitting users against each other; not in vain, a classification by routes based on scores would serve to encourage taking the best possible photographs.


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