New Pokémon Snap: these are the 113 Pokémon confirmed for now [2021]


New Pokémon Snap: The game will arrive with a multitude of new features on Nintendo Switch this April 30. We review all the species identified in the trailers. New Pokémon Snap is getting closer and closer. On April 30, the new photographic investigation of the saga begins, this time away from the island of Nintendo 64, to get on the Neo-One vehicle and discover the more than 200 Pokémon that await us in the archipelago of the Lensis region. Professor Mirror will entrust us to photograph creatures from all eight generations in detail, but which Pokémon are confirmed at the moment?

After the first trailer of 2020, our original article where we review everything we know about New Pokémon Snap and the new information from recent weeks and months (both screenshots from the official Nintendo website, the eShop and the new trailer), we have compiled in the following list all the Pokémon identified so far. The division is governed by generations, so that it is more comfortable for everyone, and the truth is that there are already a few.

New Pokémon Snap launches on Nintendo Switch on April 30

It should be said that in New Pokémon Snap we will have a great novelty compared to the original Nintendo 64 game: the Lúmini phenomenon. Professor Espejo has ordered us to discover more about this phenomenon, capable of making some species much larger than usual. They are, however, the main claims of our Fotodex. Among other interesting aspects already known, it should be noted that the game will be compatible with the touch functionalities of Nintendo Switch, which will facilitate navigation through the menus in portable mode.

Soon we will know how many routes there are in total in this shooter on rails, the total number of species and how they will affect the seasons as well as the change from day to night in the gameplay, beyond the appearance of other creatures, if it has any implication. on the playable plane.

At MeriStation we have been able to attend a digital presentation of the game to see its pure gameplay and learn, from The Pokémon Company, what awaits us in this long-awaited sequel. You can read our impressions here and see a video summary of everything we could see in this article.


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