New Pokémon Snap, returns to “hunt” through the camera after more than 20 years


New Pokémon Snap: One of the most particular deliveries of Nintendo 64 returns from the hand of Nintendo Switch.Pokémon Snap is one of the most unique installments and also loved by Nintendo users. Originally from Nintendo 64 and with more than 20 years behind it, the game invited us to live a safari on rails while we were observing and photographing everything around us. Basically, pokémon of various kinds while living in their natural habitat. At the end of each journey, Professor Oak gave us different scores according to the pose, the distance of the photograph and how we had framed each of the images. The same essence now returns with New Pokémon Snap, where we will try to complete the Photodex and collaborate with Professor Mirror.

The game is a more than interesting opportunity for Pokémon fans, who can enjoy a different formula while hunting -photographically speaking- their favorite critters, and also a good way to get into the franchise on behalf of those who are unfamiliar with the saga , doing it in the best possible way: portraying and meeting some of the most charismatic pokémon one by one. If in this equation we add those that we enjoyed 21 years ago from the original title, the end result is very attractive.

Unlike the main sagas, where the relationship with the Pokémon has a part of collection but also of competition to be the best trainer, in New Pokémon Snap we have the possibility of seeing the Pokémon in the middle of their natural habitat and through therefore, see them interact in a natural way, away from the hand and action of the coaches. The fact of conceptualizing the game as a safari and not as a zoo is what allows us to enjoy the pokémon with multiple variants, thanks to the organic situations that occur and that, in addition, we can portray while they hunt, sleep, act as night, etc.

It is precisely this relationship of the pokémon with their surroundings that gives a unique point to the concept of New Pokemon Snap, since each of the pokémon are related in a different way and, as a novelty for this installment, they also have different behaviors according to the moment and hour of the day. In video games it is something rarely seen, and it is like transferring the adventures of Ash and company in anime to Nintendo Switch for the first time. Seeing a Heracross and a Pinsir fighting, or a Flygon protecting a pair of Trapinch while they sleep are rare situations and that the fan will appreciate.

Refurbished visual appearance

More than 20 years have passed since the first Pokémon Snap, and this ‘New’ comes with design improvements not only in the Pokémon, but also in a beautiful and virgin region of Lensis, which has places and locations very varied and full of contrasts, ideal for bringing together all possible types of pokémon. If we add to this the time change and how it also affects the environment, we have a game with a much more attractive appearance. The new installment also multiplies by three the pokémon available, reaching 200 compared to the 63 that were in Nintendo 64.

Its more fleeting concept, of preparing to take pictures, observe and play more calmly is a hook for players who have not dared with the RPG formula of the main saga, and also a point in favor for the smallest of the home, who can find in New Pokémon Snap a playable format that allows them to interact and discover their favorite Pokémon in a natural and fun way.

If to all this we add the secrets that the Lensis region hides, the different routes that we can take and enjoy depending on whether they are night or day, and the random situations that will occur in the interactions of pokémon with nature, the result is that the game wants to propose much more than meets the eye. Photographing is only the beginning.