‘New Pokemon Snap’ Announced We Will Try To Take Pokemon Photos On A Desert Island


Making an unexpected statement, Pokemon Company announced that it is working on a new game. Pokemon Company’s new game is a remake version of Pokemon Snap we met in 1999. The game, called New Pokemon Snap, seems to offer a unique experience.

Pokemon legend, which covers most of the childhood of many of us, has come up with different games until today. Pokemon Snap, which we had the chance to meet in 1999, was one of them. The game, which was released for Nintendo 64 at that time, and which has driven millions of gamers, has just returned to us as of today. Pokemon Company officially announced its new game with the statements it made today.

The new version of Pokemon Snap comes under the name “New Pokemon Snap” and at least for now, it will be compatible with Nintendo Switch. The new game, which has not moved away from its 1999 version, will offer Pokemon fans a unique experience. So what will Nintendo Switch users face in New Pokemon Snap? Let’s look at the answer to this question immediately.

Published in 1999, Pokemon Snap was a game that could be played through the eyes of the first person. Nintendo 64 users are going to an island where Pokemon live and trying to take unique photos of Pokemon on this island. New Pokemon Snap will offer the same experience with more advanced and better graphics. In the game we will go to a deserted island and enter an adventure full of Pokemon.

Fans who had the Pokemon Snap experience had wanted the new version of this game to come over the years. However, the Pokemon Company has not made any explanations so far and did not even provide a hint. Today’s announcements are a big surprise for Pokemon Snap fans. So what graphical experience will New Pokemon Snap offer gamers? A promotional video shared from the Pokemon Twitter account reveals the first look at the game.

New Pokemon Snap promotional video

It is currently unknown when the New Pokemon Snap is being developed for the Nintendo Switch. It is also unclear whether this game will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch or whether it will be distributed on other game platforms in the future. However, it is an unforgettable fact that Pokemon fans will look forward to this game.


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