New Pokemon gifts have been announced this week, including Scarlet and VioletNews


It’s been a few months since The Pokemon Company unveiled the titles of its next major Pokemon games. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were first introduced back in February, and then a release date was announced in June, allowing Pokemon fans to create concepts and theories for new things to appear in this new region inspired by Spain. Pokemon Company will soon reveal more official details and announced the Pokemon Presents event later this week.

Pokemon announced on its Twitter page that a live broadcast of Pokemon Presents will take place at the end of this week, which will feature updates for its current Pokemon apps and video games, as well as new information about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Pokemon did not say how long the live broadcast will last on August 3, but these broadcasts usually last about 20-30 minutes. As usual, this broadcast will take place early in the morning for fans in the Western Hemisphere, starting at 9:00 Eastern Standard Time.

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It can be expected that new Pokemon may debut here, including developed forms of Generation 9 starters, as well as new Pokemon and regional forms of existing Pokemon. Pokemon company can also share new details about the leaders of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gyms and any new game trick that will be in the new games. An additional explanation for each version, the legendary Pokemon and other elements of the story can also be revealed.

The tweet doesn’t specify which other games will receive additional news, but these Pokemon Presents streams usually contain more than just news about the next entries in the main series games. Titles such as Pokemon GO, Pokemon Unite, Pokemon card game updates, merchandise and other mobile properties may be presented in one way or another during this broadcast. There have been rumors that Pokemon Legends: Arceus may receive new content or DLC, which may also be revealed during this event, but that remains to be seen.

Fans were thrilled with the new news about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as the latest announcement indicated a release date at the end of this year. Speculation has been rampant, as is the case with most releases of the main Pokemon series, with possible leaks and details constantly coming in from forums and comment threads. Some have a grain of plausibility, others alleged leaks about Pokemon have turned out to be completely false, as the fan base gives free rein to its imagination for the next colorful region.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on Switch on November 18.


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