New PlayStation Remake To Be Announced In December


PlayStation: Irish artist Éabha McMahon revealed during an interview that she recently worked on producing a song for a PlayStation game remake. The information is from Push Square.

McMahon, who also goes under her stage name AVA, reportedly told WLR FM radio that she was invited by composer Michael McGlynn to work on a new version of a PS game.

AVA revealed that McGlynn had approached her about creating a song in Irish for a “big” PlayStation title. She also stated that the composer’s daughter took over the vocals for her Irish music.

Unaware of the gaming world, the artist was unable to go into more details, but would have stated that the game in question should be announced at the end of the year, close to Christmas.

The announcement period cited by AVA may mean that we will have more details during this year’s edition of The Game Awards. Many games are featured at the event, so it wouldn’t be strange to see the mysterious remake being released there.

The lack of details also leads to questions about the game’s origin. Is it a PlayStation Studios production or a third party? And would the game be a PS5 exclusive, or would it also make it to the PlayStation 4 — or even other platforms?


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