New PlayStation Controller Patent Revealed Back Keys


Sony has come up again with the new controller plug-in announced recently. The patent for a new controller turned out to be working on a different design Sony.

Japan-based technology giant Sony, towards the end of next year, the next generation game console PlayStation 5 continues to work to release. The company developed PlayStation 5, which is supposed to make a difference to every game console in the current generation, and came back with a new patent. Sony, the developer of PlayStation 5, which has been highly anticipated by many console players and has become extremely interesting, has received a patent for the new controller.

A new patent filed by Sony has recently been released. The new controller is highly similar to the existing controller, the Dualshock 4, but there is a feature not found in the current controller behind it.

Two buttons on the back of the new controller
The new controller, which is expected to be the controller of the PlayStation 5, has two more keys behind it. The buttons on the back have previously been announced by Sony as an add-on to the existing DualShock 4 controller, but the images in Sony’s video are different from those in the patent.

Sony shared the video on Twitter, the rear keys were larger and had an OLED display in the middle. The position and size of the keys in the patent images are much different. It is also thought that the new design, which does not differ much from the existing controller, can be used in the DualShock, which will come with the PlayStation 5 console, but there are some contradictions.

Sony has already announced that the PlayStation 5 controller will have a USB-C charging port. The images in this patent show that the controller has a USB mini port. At the same time, there were no back buttons on the patents that had previously appeared and were said to belong to the PlayStation 5 controller. However, Sony can use this new design in the controller of the game console, which will be released next year.


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