New Pixels on the way?! Google codes reveal camera specs for alleged Pixel 6a


Google’s flagship smartphones, Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, were only released about two weeks ago. However, some references to the next cell phones in the line were discovered in the big tech code and it looks like the Pixel 6 Pro may not stay with the brand’s best camera specs for very long.


The most robust of the new Pixel models is code-named “cloudripper” and can come with the following set of camera sensors:

  • Samsung GN1
  • Sony IMX663
  • Sony IMX586
  • Sony IMX386

This is the same setup as the Pixel 6 Pro kit, however it could be a development platform for Google to test new camera features before releasing them or upgrading existing hardware. It could also be the Pixel Fold collapsible camera set, but we somehow doubt that Google can include a periscope zoom and still keep it reasonably thin.

The model called “bluejay” has a medium character composition, a simple fact that could mean that we are seeing the specs of the Google Pixel 6a camera:

  • Sony IMX363
  • Sony IMX386
  • Sony IMX355

If this possibility is not taken advantage of, we will at least see some updates in the cameras section of the next Googlebluejay” Pixel. Remember that the Pixel 5a specs include a 12MP wide and 16MP ultrawide camera, while the setup above features a different 12MP ultrawide camera sensor with much larger individual pixels, which would allow more light to enter.