New photos from the filming of Spider-Man 3


The actor who plays Peter Parker stars in new shooting photos and warns fans to “buckle up” for the new information.

Big news for Spider-Man 3 is coming this week; so much so, that both the Variety medium and Tom Holland himself, the actor who plays Peter Parker / Spider-Man in the UCM and is currently in the middle of filming the third installment of the arachnid saga at Marvel Studios, have announced that next February 4 he will be part of an event with other actors and actresses about the films that are to come in 2021. According to Holland himself, there will be important information; Perhaps the definitive title of the film?

New photos from the filming of Spider-Man 3

“In an upcoming interview on the Variety Awards Circuit podcast, Holland moves forward and sets our expectations for the film,” says Variety. On the other hand, and thanks to a new post on Instagram, Holland has shared a new photograph of the shoot with himself dressed as Spider-Man and holding his brother on his shoulders, who apparently has been filming a small sequence of action next to him.

“Today was easily one of the most important moments of my career. Those of you who have been there know what I’m talking about and those who don’t, you better buckle up !!! ”, the actor writes next to the photograph. What do you mean exactly? In addition, and beyond this photograph that could be considered official, new images of the filming set have been leaked, this time with Tom Holland’s double dressed in a motion capture suit, in order to add the suit through CGI. Could it be the Iron Spider? Or maybe a new outfit that they don’t want anyone to see?

As a curiosity, in one of these leaked photos you can see a large poster with a photo of Spider-Man along with an ad “free photos and autographs”. At the moment, everything is an unanswered question pending the first details of Spider-Man 3 from those responsible.


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