New photo confirms claims for AirPods 3 design


The news that Apple will change the standard AirPods design has been around for a long time. The claim that the new generation, known as AirPods 3, will look visually similar to AirPods Pro has also been mentioned before. A photo leaked on the internet and said to be airborne for AirPods 3 confirms this claim.

When you look carefully at the headphone knobs, it is seen that almost the same design is preferred as the AirPods Pro. Removable ear tips, control over the ear stick, and pressure equalizers that increase comfort look the same as the current AirPods Pro. But things change when you look at the transport box. It is noticed that the box is not as wide as the AirPods Pro, but it is wider than the tall box of the second generation AirPods.

Although the design of the AirPods 3 is similar to the AirPods Pro, it does not mean that the features of this headset will be similar to the AirPods Pro. Innovations such as the extension of the battery life compared to the second generation and the presence of a new processor are mentioned.

There are different claims about the existence of active noise canceling feature. While some sources claim that this feature will not be available, some sources state that AirPods 3 will offer active noise canceling feature. There is the same confusion about the spatial sound feature.

Arrows point to March for the AirPods 3 introduction and release. Regardless of the release date, it can be safely said that the changes Apple plans for standard AirPods are important. Offering some AirPods Pro features at more affordable prices has the potential to revive interest in AirPods.


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