New patch in Fall Guys: Valve skins now available on PS4


Fall Guys receives an update adding Valve skins to the ingame store on PS4. Adjustments have been made to some minigames.

Fall Guys receives a new update that highlights the introduction of Valve skins in the PS4 version. So far exclusive to PCs, both the Gordon Freeman and Scout outfits from Team Fortress 2 will be available for purchase in the Sony console ingame store.

Some of the elements of various minigames have also been modified. Montaña Majareta will now have a maximum of 15 participants. On the other hand, the time counter for Grab the Team Queue and Chowder Soup will start at 1 minute and 30 seconds. There will be no two team modes in a row in the mini-game rotation.

This has been made known by the company through its official account on Twitter.

Fall Guys and their future

We recently heard from reputable dataminers in the community some hints about the upcoming content coming to Fall Guys. According to Hypex, in September it would feature collaborations such as Portal and My Friend Pedro. Players could dress up as Chell on September 3 and banana, from Devolver Digital’s game, on September 6. Both would cost 5 crowns and would be available from those days in the ingame store.

If you are a PlayStation Plus user, you still have time to redeem it to become part of your virtual library. Due to initial server issues, all players who logged in before August 14 received a Legendary Cactus Outfit and 5,000 Kudos, one of the ingame currencies, at no additional cost. If you enter within their requirements, you can get hold of them from the moment you access your profile. It is added directly to your cosmetic inventory. Nothing seems to be able to stop the popularity of this summer’s big surprise.

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